Dishwasher Repair

dishwasher repair

Dishwashers are an essential appliance to have in a home. Implying that a broken or damaged one will be quite a disruption to everyday life. So that you do not need to clean the dishes yourself, you should call mechanics to have a look at your machine immediately. Elite New Canaan Appliance Repair is a repair service in the neighborhood that also provides same day service.

Our repairmen have the knowledge to fix all sorts of problems that may arise. Our vans are also loaded with top of the line tools and parts that are purchased straight from the producers. Our professional and effective service will make sure your dishwasher is working again as soon as possible.



Our workers were experienced and skilful repairs common problems such as these immediately. The noises in the machine may arise due to a faulty motor housing or worn out bearings or motor bushing.


Leakages are hardly ever a good thing, and your dishwasher may be leaking due to one of two reasons. The leakage is either due to the door of the dishwasher not closing appropriately or if the valve for the water channel is broken or damaged. Depending on what the problem is or its severity repair or replacement is done. Parts to dishwashers of brands like GE, Kenmore, Whirlpool and more are kept with us.


Make sure that the appliance is receiving power. Even then if the machine refuses to switch on then, it may be because of defective parts like door latches, electronic control or because of damage to the switches and relays.


A dishwasher must fill with water before draining the same water out. It might not drain due to the pump for draining the water out is damaged or if the drain tube is broken whereas it might not be filling if the water channel valve or switches being faulty. Fret not as all these problems are easily and quickly solved by us.


A dishwasher may fail to clean dishes properly due to damages to the water tube, housing gasket or filter. New Canaan Appliance Repair keeps all these parts for quick and efficient repairs.


A dishwasher should properly dry the dishes after the washing of the dishes is complete. If it does
not do so, it might mean that rising faucet or the heating pieces damaged or defective. A faulty thermostat may also result in the dishwasher not drying the dishes properly.


Faulty timers or broken dispensers hamper the proper release of soap or detergent. This would, as a result, lead to the dishes not being clean properly. A minute problem with the wax motor may also result in this problem.